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A single access point for your logistics, systems and product related needs

We specialize in developing, managing and executing end-to-end customized solutions to meet your logistics, systems and product related requirements allowing you to realize your future goals today

Warehouse &Inventory Management

Warehouse &Inventory Management

Total warehouse solution with over 12,000 sq ft of prime warehouse space. Services include inventory management, palletization, breakbulk, and system integration (API)

Courier &International Last Mile

Courier &International Last Mile

Globalize your eCommerce or retail business with our local and international last mile capabilities. We provide both local courier, self-redemption centers and international express and postal services

Customized Turn-Key Solutions

Customized Turn-Key Solutions

No project is “too big” or “too small”. We will work within your existing systems and processes and integrate our capabilities to enhance your overall productivity and most importantly increase profitability

Over 250,000+ orders and counting...

Although we have processed and delivered over a quarter of a million orders, there is only one order that matters to our team and that is yours!


Enhance your eCommerce business and customer experience overnight without the fuss

Our plug and play approach not only minimizes overall integration risks and business disruptions as it adapts to your existing operations and systems, but also allows for greater flexibility to cater to all your changing and future business requirements

API Integration
Global Fulfillment
Inventory Management
After-Sales and Customer Service








Building a logistics network is complicated …and expensive!

Wouldn't your time be better spent focused on growing your business?

Does it still feel like you do all the lifting even though you pay the bills?

Companies spend up to 15-20% on logistics services BUT does it still feel like you aren't getting the service level required given all the time spent managing multiple service providers just to enhance a “single” process.

  • img-1 img-1
    • Freight Forwarding
    • Customs clearance
    • Haulage
    • Loading/unloading
    • Breakbulk
  • img-2 img-2
    • Warehouse in/out
    • Inventory Management
    • Quality Assurance
    • Temperature handling
    • De/Re-Palletization
  • img-3 img-3
    Systems & Platform
    • Content Management
    • Maintenance
    • Hosting
    • Payment
    • Order Management
  • img-4
    Pick & Pack
    • Custom Packaging
    • Branding
    • Labeling
    • Bundling / Kits
    • Marketing & Promotions
  • img-5 img-5
    Fulfillment & Last Mile
    • Pre-Sorting
    • Courier Services
    • International Delivery
    • Customs / Tax
    • Tracking
  • img-6 img-6
    • Customer Service
    • Hotline / email
    • Warranty
    • Returns
    • Refunds

Our Services

Leverage our experience

We have partnerships and associations across various sectors and industries, such as ecommerce platforms, health & beauty, oils & fragrances, wine & beverages, babies & kids, travel, electronics & gadgets. Leverage our experience and best practices to develop the optimal solution for your business

Partnership with GOLS

A partnership with GOLS provides “plug and play” connectivity into our logistics network and immediate scaling benefits for your business



Leverage our extensive network of product suppliers, platforms, and service providers to better meet your business needs, expand product and service offering and improve overall operations and profitability

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Over 12,000 sq ft of integrated warehouse storage and fulfillment center optimized for ecommerce and retail businesses

Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack

Pick & pack capabilities including custom packaging, branding, product labelling, bundling, promotions, and other customized requirements

Last-mile Delivery

Last-mile Delivery

Dedicated and flexible transport fleet capable of handling last mile delivery of small to large packages (B2B and B2C) as well as self-redemption centers



Shipping to over 90+ countries worldwide; instantly expanding the reach of your business to the far corners of the world

Customer Services

Customer Services

Dedicated after-sales services including customer hotlines, dedicated emails, warranty and returns management

Our Team

Come join a winning team

Looking for an opportunity in sales & marketing, operations or management? Come join our team of passionate and dedicated professionals and learn in a dynamic environment. We are equal opportunity and open to all experience levels and qualifications.

Case Study

Sharing our experiences... so you won't need to

Our experiences have assisted our clients save time and headaches by developing an optimal logistics solution for their unique business needs. We have helped founders through corporates with valued advice in manufacturing, packaging, customs, or fulfillment strategy that have made an impacted to the bottom-line



Crowdfunding do's and don'ts to ensure a smooth campaign

Make sure you plan ahead as you journey on your crowdfunding campaign, from manufacturing to fulfillment, we have tips to save you money and headaches


Offline to online strategies that yield results

Understand your overall logistics requirements as you grow your business online, from warehouse to last mile, we have solutions that fit your business needs


Platform solutions that streamline your operations     

Platforms are critical to efficiency, effectiveness and profitability, from e-commerce to loyalty programs or MLM's, we have "know-how" that optimize performance


Sourcing is critical cause increasing skus alone is costly

Whether products are everyday to niche they should align with your strategy and customers, we can assist source the "right" products and minimize resource requirements

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