Aspirin for your logistics headaches today AND a sustainable solution to avoid tomorrow’s

Our Mission

Your “plug and GO” logistics partner, specializing in e-commerce fulfillment, operations management, and systems/data integration

We specialize in developing, managing, and operating end-to-end fulfillment solutions combining physical resources with technology and digital automation to not only meet today’s objectives but prepare you for tomorrow's

“Our focus is to “disrupt” the traditional logistics model by simply fitting the round peg into the round hole… that is not having our clients actually fit into our system and way of doing things but rather the other way around… and in doing so develop flexible and sustainable LogTech systems, tools and solutions to achieve this in a scalable manner”

Joe Wong (Co-founder GOLS)

Management Team

Our management team combines a different “house blend” to a traditional logistics company

Our management team comprises over 50 years of logistics, systems and technology, marketing, and finance experience providing both the industry “know-how” with the business acumen to know what our partners require to run an efficient, sustainable and profitable business.

We are also supported by a Global Advisory Board comprised of professionals with a deep understanding and knowledge base across a diverse array of industries including FMCG, medical, real estate, retail, marketing, finance, and technology

Our Business

Countless countries, skus and orders and we keep GOing

Although we have processed and delivered countless packages, process countless orders, there is only one order that matters to our team the most and that is yours!








Enhance your eCommerce business and customer experience overnight without the fuss

Our plug and play approach not only minimize overall integration risks and business disruptions as it adapts to your existing operations and systems, but also allows for greater flexibility to cater to all your changing and future business requirements

System Integration
Global Fulfillment
Inventory Management
After-Sales and Customer Service
Warehouse &<BR>
Freight Management

Warehouse &
Freight Management

We operate over 20,000 sq. ft. of prime warehouse space customized to both e-commerce distribution and hubbing strategies. We provide haulage, palletization, breakbulk, and freight forwarding services as well as WMS and data integration tools

Global Fulfillment &<BR>
 Value-add Services

Global Fulfillment &
Value-add Services

Instantly expand your fulfillment capabilities and streamline operations with our international last mile capabilities. We provide order and inventory management services to last-mile delivery services as well as managing your third-party service providers and other value-add services

LogTech & <BR>
Turn-key Solutions

LogTech &
Turn-key Solutions

No project is “too big” or “too small.” We will work closely with your team and integrate into your existing systems and processes to enhance productivity and continually develop customized systems and tools that are customized to your business needs

The GOLS Difference

Leverage our expertise, experience, and network

We don’t just stop at the front door and address your logistics requirements, but also leverage our partnerships across various industries, such as electronics & gadgets, health & wellness, babies & kids accessories, education, retail, travel & related, and food & beverages to seek areas and opportunities to expand your business

Partnership with GOLS

A partnership with GOLS provides “plug and GO” connectivity into our fulfillment and logistics network and immediate scaling benefits for your business.

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Customized and ready-made LogTech systems and tools that can ease tedious data management tasks, streamline daily operation flow, and simplify complex system integrations

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

A total of over 20,000 sq ft of warehouse storage facilities with dynamic fulfillment capabilities tailored to assisting manage your global ecommerce fulfillment requirements



Capabilities ranging from simple to complex pick and pack, product repackaging, product labelling, bundling and kitting, gift carding, and other value adds services

Last-mile Delivery

Last-mile Delivery

Dedicated and flexible self-operated delivery fleet capable of last-mile delivery and reverse logistics. We can provide palletized, bulk, and single order delivery services



Shipping to over 90+ countries worldwide; instantly expanding the reach of your business to the far corners of the world without you leaving your desk

Customer Services

Customer Services

Dedicated after-sales services including order tracking, SMS, customer hotlines, dedicated emails, warranty and returns management, as well as automated CS services

Our Technology

Building a logistics network is complicated …and expensive!

Wouldn't your time be better spent focused on growing your business?

Does it still feel like you do all the lifting even though you pay the bills?

Companies can spend up to 15-20% on logistics and related services, BUT does it still feel like you aren’t getting the level of service required given all the time and resource spent managing multiple service providers just to “enhance” a single process… our technology and solutions can help!

  • img-1 img-1
    Transportation Transparency
    GOLS-Synctree’s system integration technology can assist with pulling data from across your entire supply chain into one seamless dashboard and that dashboard could be the one you are using right now
  • img-2 img-2
    Warehouse Management Seamless
    GOLS-Synctree technology can provide real-time inventory updates by connecting your local, regional and global warehouse providers without the need for upgrading yours or your partner’s WMS
  • img-3 img-3
    Systems & Platform Integration
    GOLS-Synctree can provide an efficient and practical solution for integrating legacy systems and platforms in a seamless manner without large investments or complicated system enhancements
  • img-4
    Pick & Pack Precision
    GOLS-Synctree has developed internal picking and packing systems that have reduced overall error rates and improved efficiency in the picking and packing process without
  • img-5 img-5
    Last Mile Efficiency
    GOLS-Synctree developed our proprietary mobile app allowing for real-time communication with our fleet providing more efficient and “just-in-time” delivery process for our clients
  • img-6 img-6
    After-Sales Coordination
    GOLS-Synctree developed an integrated customer service system that allows our clients to directly and seamlessly interact with our CS teams to efficiently process and handle customer cases in real-time

Research & Development

Not your traditional logistics company

Logistics+, your true “GOto” partner that has a vested interest in the success of your business. Through tireless effort to get the job done, development of customized tools and systems, and collaborative sharing, we are committed to creating a sustainable ecosystem to enhance your long-term competitiveness and ensure the nimbleness that your business requires to adapt to the ever-changing demands in your industry… in-short, we deliver for you! (yea we went there)

Case Studies



Crowdfunding do's and don'ts to ensure a smooth campaign

Make sure you plan ahead as you journey on your crowdfunding campaign, from manufacturing to fulfillment, we have tips to save you money and headaches


Offline to online strategies that yield results

Understand your overall logistics requirements as you grow your business online, from warehouse to last mile, we have solutions that fit your business needs


Platform solutions that streamline your operations

Platforms are critical to efficiency, effectiveness and profitability, from e-commerce to loyalty programs or MLM's, we have "know-how" that optimize performance


Sustainability x Digitalization in logistics

We all know we need to save our Earth and every little bit helps, however what are practical ways we can achieve this with digitalization and support our planet and our business

Our Team

Come join a winning team

Looking for opportunities in sales & marketing, operations, warehouse, or management? Come join our team of passionate and dedicated professional and learn in a dynamic and fast paced environment.

We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome individuals at all experience levels and qualifications. For further information or enquiries, please send your CV to us at


Striving to make the world and our business more sustainable for ourselves, our partners, and our earth by striving to achieve the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development GOaLS

GOLS is proud to embark on our journey to achieving the SDG initiatives and establish one of the first Hong Kong SDG accredited logistics technology companies along with our strategic partner Ntuple and their proprietary technology SyncTree

Our goal is to streamline and reduce the amount of resources in the logistics industry by integrating the entire logistics chain from factory to last mile and all transport modes including air, ship, vehicular, and human.

With SyncTree, we are able to efficiently integrate the entire logistics chain to reduce resource duplication, create better access and information transparency and enabling companies to use existing systems and processes to reduce the amount of resources spent on new systems development


Sustainability Targets 2020




Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

GOLS is an equal opportunity employer and provides opportunities for all individuals of age, sex, experience, backgrounds. We seek to develop talent with a combination of on-the-job training, subsidized technical skills training, and “reach” opportunities for individual who may lack the required technical skill or qualifications, but demonstrate the attitude and mindset to reach for new heights



Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

GOLS employs indiscriminately employees ranging from youths, who were not able to complete their formal education to the elderly and providing a clean and safe environment for which to not only work, but provide the potential to improve on skillsets, learn new skills and/or gain experience in areas where they would normally lack the opportunity to



Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

GOLS in partnership with our exclusive LogTech partner Ntuple, deploys their patented SyncTree technology to deliver sustainable techology solutions to our clients. Synctree technology not allows for the flexible and dynamic system integration, it allows our clients to “recycle” existing tech and systems extending their lifecycles by increasing functionality and capabilities without having to “re-do” legacy infrastructure

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